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            Located in Northwestern Alberta,
            off the Beautiful Northeast & South Shores of Sturgeon Lake

            ไพ่ โป ก เก อ ออนไลน์ เล้ง

            Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation is working hard to build a vibrant community that is at the forefront of economic, environmental, social and cultural sustainability.
            WHAT'S NEW
            Progress is visible on our Lands and in our neighboring communities.

            As we move forward, we are challenged to build on this momentum while making more strides to incorporate our culture and language into our laws, practices and institutions.
            Our successful existence as a Cree Nation is partly due to our culture and language, at the same time it is also due to our ability to adapt to our constantly changing environment.

            We must also protect the rights of our people according to the treaty, while ensuring we have a vibrant community.

            On this web site you will find information about our community and culture. We also have 'community specific' information for community members such as the latest news updates and announcements from around the community.
            Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation
            Treaty 8

            Box 757
            Valleyview, Alberta T0H 3N0
            Phone: 780-524-3307
            Fax: 780-524-2711
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